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Atlanta Truck Accident

Atlanta Truck Accident

Atlanta Truck Accident – A multi-vehicle crash involving a fuel truck on Interstate 85 outside of Atlanta resulted in a large fire. It killed one person and the driver fled for safety.

(ATLANTA, Ga.) One fatality has caused drivers to scramble for safety.

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Atlanta Truck Accident

Atlanta Truck Accident

When firefighters arrived Saturday morning. They said the tanker was on fire. and fuel spilled into a nearby water main that runs under the road.

All Lanes Reopen On I 75 In Cobb County After Dump Truck Crashed Into Sign

The flames came from an air duct in front of the restaurant. This caused a fire and a power outage.

Traffic on the road was blocked in both directions. People were forced to abandon their cars and flee to safety.

Gwinnett police officer Jacob Albright told WXIA, “It spread very quickly when he was on the scene trying to move the driver over. Officers looked south on 85th Street and saw an explosion. Manhole covers are what they’re describing.

Gwinnett County Fire Lt. “We came up with a game plan to let the gas run out because we knew it was going in the direction of the wind,” Justin Wilson said.

Common Truck Accident Causes

Officials said the fire has burned all the way to the north of the state. This will need to be repaired before it can be reopened.

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