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How To Check Loan Balance In Union Bank Of India

How To Check Loan Balance In Union Bank Of India – UnionBank is primarily known for its credit cards that complement various lifestyles and needs. But did you know that Union Bank also offers personal loan products? UnionBank personal loans have many attractive features and unique selling points that make them a better choice than other loan products on the market. Interested? We have put together a complete guide for you, from using these loans to interest rates. We have also included a quick guide on how to apply for a personal loan from UnionBank. What is Union Bank Personal Loan? Does UnionBank offer personal loans? Yes! UnionBank personal loans are financial products that borrowers can use to finance their major life goals. This is an unsecured loan, so you don’t need any assets to the bank as a guarantee for payment. What can Union Bank personal loans be used for? UnionBank personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes including: ✔️ Expand your business UnionBank personal loans can help you get the funding you need to grow your small business. You can use the loan proceeds to expand your inventory, buy new equipment, open a new location, hire additional employees, or develop new products. ✔️Home Improvement Want to increase the resale value of your home? Does your growing family need a bigger home? Or do you need to repair your home after a hurricane or natural disaster? A personal loan from UnionBank can help you access the funds you need to repair your property. ✔️ If your child’s payment does not match your child’s tuition schedule, you can take a loan from Union Bank to cover the cost. The excess loan amount can be used to purchase laptops, school supplies, books and study materials. ✔️ Personal development Do you want to enroll in a baking course for future pastry chefs or take a diploma course? Use a UnionBank personal loan to pay tuition or finance other professional development endeavors. 🎅 Win a Samsung Galaxy S23, iPhone 15 Pro Max or a trip for two to Japan! Enter our sweepstakes this holiday season for a chance to win a smartphone or a trip to Japan for two! Enter a variety of holiday prizes from December 1 to December 21, 2023. Enter the sweepstakes and apply for a participating credit card or personal loan product. Each product has an applicable registration period. Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 256GB equivalent ₱43,990 – December 1 – December 7, 2023 Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB equivalent ₱91,990 – December 8 – 14, 2023 Japan trip for two with Journeyfied Travel worth ₱185 – December – 115 , December 2023 The draw date for this lottery promotion is March 1, 2024. Terms and conditions apply under DTI Fair Trading Permit No. FTEB-181165 Series 2023. Why should I get a UnionBank personal loan? There are many reasons why you should apply for a UnionBank personal loan. Here are some of the loan product features that may convince you to apply: 👍 Fast loan approval UnionBank approves personal loan applications within 5 minutes. In contrast, other banks take at least 5 to 7 banking days or longer to approve a personal loan. UnionBank personal loans allow loans to be approved without collateral or guarantors. Of course, the fast approval is dependent on the qualifications of the borrower and the submission of complete requirements. 👍 Borrowers with high loan amounts can get Union Bank personal loans of up to ₱2 million that can be used for various purposes. Remember that the actual loan amount is subject to bank approval. 👍 Flexible loan period Another advantage of personal loans from Union Bank is that the repayment period is flexible up to 5 years, which is the longest in the Philippines. Borrowers can choose to repay their personal loans in 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, depending on how much they can afford to pay each month. 👍 Low interest rates Union Bank has one of the lowest personal loan interest rates on the market. The additional monthly interest rate is only 1.29%, and the contract annual interest rate is 26.9%. This made credit cheaper. How do I qualify for a UnionBank personal loan? To get a personal loan from UnionBank, borrowers must meet all of the following criteria: Must be a Filipino or foreign resident between the ages of 21 and 65 and have a valid Philippine address Employed or professional/self-employed with minimum annual gross retirement income of ₱ 250,000 Holders of a major credit card for at least 3 months Have a Taxpayer Identification Number (RIN) for a UnionBank personal loan What are the requirements? UnionBank requires borrowers to submit copies of the following documents (except for the personal loan application, which must be original): 📋 Requirements for Filipinos The UnionBank personal loan application is completed online. : Last month’s salary issued within the last 2 months / Proof of employment within the last 2 months / Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or BIR Form 2316 For self-employed borrowers: Latest ITR or BIR Form 1701 and audited financial statements Independent audit reports, balance sheets and tax receipts 📋 Alien Requirements Alien Registration Certificate (ACR) or valid passport Proof of Philippine residency: Immigrant Residency Certificate (ICR) Visa and Work Permit or Alien Employment Permit (AEP) Valid for at least 1 year Permanent Resident Visa Status or 1 ACR I-Card valid for at least 2,000 years Special Pension Permanent Resident Visa (SRRV) Special Permanent Resident Investor Visa (SRIV) For foreign nationals working in the top 2,000 companies: A printed employment contract or HR letter from the company with name, title or title and verification of work . This is the form included. How to apply for a personal loan from UnionBank in the Philippines If you qualify for a personal loan from UnionBank. , If you meet all the necessary requirements and can afford the monthly payments, you can proceed with your application. So what should I do to get a personal loan from Union Bank? The process is simple. Below is a step-by-step guide to completing your UnionBank personal loan online application. 👉 How to apply for a UnionBank personal loan online Applying for a UnionBank personal loan online is easier and faster. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Access UnionBank online personal loan application at and download. [1] Wait for a call from a UnionBank sales representative to confirm your request. Please send the required documents to the provided email address. You can also easily pass it. Click the button below to continue! Union Bank personal loan application question 1. Union Bank online application system is not working. What should i do? If you keep getting a system error message when applying for a UnionBank loan online, please remove Your browser and device cache and resend your request. You can also try using a different browser or device. 2. How can I get approved for a UB personal loan quickly? UnionBank approves certain loan applications within minutes, but not all loans are approved that quickly. This depends on the completeness of the documentation you provide and the results of the bank’s credit assessment. Here’s what you need to do before and during your UnionBank personal loan application to increase your chances of getting approved quickly. Check and report your credit score. This means that more work and time is spent before applying for a UnionBank personal loan. However, checking your credit score and report is better than wasting time and effort getting a loan that was rejected because of a low credit score. Double-check your UnionBank personal loan application form to avoid incomplete and inappropriate entries. All required fields must be completed. Make sure your documentation is complete. Submit your documents to UnionBank by 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday (except days before public holidays). Documents sent on a Friday or the day before a public holiday will be processed the next working day. 3. How can I check the status of my UnionBank personal loan application? If you do not hear from UnionBank within a few days of your request, please call the bank’s hotline at (+632) 8841-8600 or 1-800-1888-2277 (toll-free). 4. How do I get the loan amount? Once UnionBank has approved your personal loan application, you will receive another call to finalize your loan payment details. Your options for requesting your loan amount are: Funds transferred to your designated bank account are sent to your billing address. Next, review and sign the Debt Disclosure Statement (DS) and agree to the Direct Debit Agreement (ADA) with UnionBank. savings account Your loan amount will then be revealed. 5. You can do it

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