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Berkeley Truck Accident Lawyer

Berkeley Truck Accident Lawyer

Berkeley Truck Accident Lawyer – A Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office deputy was injured in a car crash while on duty Friday morning. Officers were directing traffic at Whitesville Elementary School when the incident occurred, the corporal said. Carly Drayton. The sheriff’s office was notified of the incident at 7:30 a.m. And unfortunately, the vehicle concerned did not stop after the collision. The injured officer, who was also a school resource officer, was later taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is currently investigating this case as a hit and run and anyone with information is encouraged to contact them.

The Hartman Law Firm, LLC extends our deepest sympathies to the deputy and his loved ones during this difficult time. If you have been injured in an accident or the wrongful death of a loved one, call Charleston personal injury attorney Frank Hartman for a free 20-minute consultation Motorcycle Lawyer for inet.

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Berkeley Truck Accident Lawyer

Frank Hartman is a Charleston SC personal injury attorney who represents victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and other injuries. Frank founded The Hartman Law Firm LLC in 2011 after three successful years at a well-known local firm. Frank truly believes in people over profit and chooses to use his experience and skills to fight big insurance companies and corporations on the injury side. Truck accident victims have legal rights that must be protected. A negligent driver or trucking company has a legal obligation to compensate you for all of your injuries and damages as a result of a trucking accident. Experienced California truck accident lawyers know how to protect this right. We fight hard to ensure truck accident victims receive fair compensation for all their expenses. Learn more about California trucking accidents and how we can help protect your legal rights Truck Accident Lawyer for newsaf.

St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer

Peace vs. Airfax Logistics (05/26/2020 Settled) – Settled a case involving a client who suffered a brain injury and other injuries in a truck accident. – Tina Ashgie

According to the National Safety Council, nearly 5,000 trucks were involved in fatal crashes in the United States in 2018. This figure is a whopping 51 percent increase from 2009 (when fewer miles were driven on American roads after the mortgage crisis). 2008).

These facts show that truck accidents are a serious threat to public health across the country. California, home to many major cities in the United States, continues to be a traffic problem. The California Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a total of 3,563 people died in car crashes statewide in 2018.

This represents a more than 8 percent reduction in deaths compared to previous years, but is still an unacceptably high number of preventable deaths. It is important to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions. Doing so will help make California’s roads safer for everyone.

Head On Crash Between 2 Trucks Results In Fatalities In Berkeley Springs

So who is responsible for the truck accident? This detail is important because a person or company is found to be “at fault” for the accident. “Fault” in this context is identified by the legal term “liability”. Liability for a truck accident can fall on many parties. It can even be divided into several parts.

Every driver on the road has a legal duty to drive their vehicle “carefully”. Necessary precautions for a reasonable driver. If the driver’s conduct falls short of this standard, he is negligent and liable for all injuries and damages caused by that negligence.

This is a legal fact, which is why California, like other states, requires all drivers to have minimum liability coverage. In the event of an accident, drivers must be prepared to pay for the damages they incur. Truck accidents can be caused by commercial drivers or people driving their own vehicles. Either way, a negligent driver can be held responsible for the damages they cause.

There is a general rule of law that holds employers liable for the negligence of employees at work. This fact means that the trucking company can be “strictly liable” for the negligence of the driver on the road. A trucking company may be “directly liable” for negligently hiring an unsafe driver.

Goose Creek Truck Accident Lawyer

For example, if a company fails to verify an employee’s commercial driving license or hires a driver with a known accident record, this could be considered negligence. Although the driver is classified as an independent contractor rather than an employee, the company that owns the vehicle can be held liable for the same reasons.

Some truck accidents are caused by defects in the truck or its parts. For example, imagine a fully loaded truck rolling downhill when the brakes fail. A driver can cause an accident due to his own fault. Instead, the accident could have been caused by a brake system malfunction. In this case, the manufacturer may be liable for the accident (and all damages). Manufacturers of consumer goods sold in the United States are subject to “strict liability” laws. This phrase means that the injured victim need not prove that the manufacturer was negligent.

Instead, the victim must prove that the product was being used for its intended purpose when it caused the injury. Product liability can lead to many costly lawsuits for car manufacturers. That’s why many manufacturers willingly pay for costly recalls rather than spend thousands of dollars on injury claims. If a truck accident is caused by defective parts or systems, the manufacturer may be responsible for compensating for your injuries.

There are many causes of truck accidents. Sometimes a truck accident is the result of many different factors. Ways a truck accident can affect your settlement.

Most Common Injuries Sustained In Trucking Accidents

Here are some common causes of truck accidents that our attorneys see in our practice:

Drunk driving is responsible for many deaths (and even more injuries) in California each year. You’d think truck drivers with a commercial driver’s license would be careful not to be under the influence. Some still decide to drive a commercial truck while intoxicated, but this can get them permanently banned from driving any truck in the United States.

If you see a swerving truck or other signs of driver impairment, drive as far away from the vehicle as possible. You can then report the driver by calling 911 from your cell phone. It’s important to understand that drunk driving is not just driving under the influence of alcohol. Recreational drugs have always been a danger to drivers on the road. In recent years, the opioid epidemic has highlighted the serious problems associated with prescription drug abuse.

Even if a driver takes prescribed medications as directed, they can still make driving dangerous. Professional truck drivers can be affected by alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs (such as caffeine pills for alertness), or any combination of these substances. If any of these items interfere with the driver’s ability to operate the truck safely, the driver will be found negligent and liable for any damages that result from the accident.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

In recent years, drivers have experienced unprecedented distractions inside the car. Cell phones and wireless devices, navigation programs and in-car entertainment systems compete for the driver’s attention on the road that belongs to the road. These modern concerns are in addition to what is always in the car: food and drink, pets, children and loose cargo.

Commercial truck drivers may have additional radio equipment and other distraction devices. If a commercial truck driver causes an accident because he or she is not paying attention to the road, he or she may be found negligent and the injured party may be held liable for their costs.

The Department of Transportation has set standards for how long a commercial truck driver can drive before taking a break. This rule also dictates how long the brake must last before the driver can continue driving. For example, a truck driver may drive for eleven hours after ten hours of work. A passenger driver can drive up to ten hours after an eight-hour shift. Passenger drivers will also have to take a break of at least thirty minutes after driving for eight hours continuously. These rules help reduce accidents by penalizing drivers who are too tired to drive safely.

Until recently, drivers kept track of their hours mostly in honor-based odometers. This means that drivers can “change numbers” or change logs to spend more hours on the road. Unfortunately, many trucking companies pay drivers by the mile, which encourages them to drive as many miles as possible and maximize service time.

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